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Loading Dock Equipment in Newfoundland and Labrador

AIMS dock products represent the latest in dock equipment technology. When you install one of our innovative and versatile dock products at your facility, you benefit from the best and latest that the industry has to offer.

Dock Levelers

AIMS dock levelers are innovative, technologically advanced, and ensure maximum productivity in the most demanding loading dock environments. No matter what the application, we have a dock solution that offers:

  • Strong and reliable operation

  • Low cost of ownership

  • Reduced maintenance costs

Dock Seals & Shelters

AIMS offers a complete line of dock seals and dock shelters to suit the most common overhead door sizes. AIMS carries a complete range of foam and air inflatable dock seals as well as rigid, flexible and air inflatable dock shelters. All products are designed to improve safety, protect merchandise, reduce cost and improve security at the loading dock.

Dock Bumpers

Protect your building walls and the trailers that back into your loading bay with molded, laminated or steel face plate bumpers. Loading dock bumpers come in various sizes and shapes to suit your application requirements

Steel Faced Bumpers

Constructed from heavy steel plate, Blue Giant steel-faced dock bumpers provide two distinct advantages: 

  • Improved ability to resist impact damage and superior abrasion

  • Resistance, resulting in greater product longevity and fewer replacement costs

Excellent for medium and heavy traffic loading docks.

Laminated Bumpers

Laminated dock bumpers provide first-class, heavy-duty protection against damage to the loading dock area, building wall, and incoming trucks. Heavy-duty industrial rubber pads are laminated between two 3"x 3" x 1/4" thick (76mm x 76mm x 6mm) steel angles, creating premium resistance to abrasion and other usage-related degradation. Can be quickly and easily welded to pit angles.

Molded Bumpers

Molded rubber dock bumpers protect the loading dock, building wall, and incoming trucks from impact damage. Ideal for lower-intensity applications.

Shelves, Packaging Supplies & More

We've got all of your warehouse equipment needs covered.

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