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Warehouse Forklift in Newfoundland and Labrador

AIMS carries electric, dual fuel, propane and gas powered forklifts to help you organize your warehouse.

Logo Unicarriers

UniCarriers manufactures multiple Lifttrucks (forklifts) in each class, and we offer an array of options to help you customize your forklifts performance to meet your specific operational needs. And though we offer a virtually endless selection of models and configurations, they all share the quality and built-in reliability that define the UniCarriers brand, including the following:

  • Nomad (rated 3000–5000 lbs)

  • Platinum II Cushion (rated 3000–8000 lbs)

  • Platinum II Pneumatic (rated at 3000–7000 lbs)

  • TX Series (rated 3000–4000 lbs, 3-wheel)

Logo Heli

Founded on specialisation, stability and responsibility, Heli is over 50 years old and has profound connotations, a rich experience and numerous achievements.

Thanks to over 50 years of development, Heli became the largest forklift manufacturer and exporter in China, ranking number 8 among worldwide forklift suppliers.

Heli carries a wide variety of Lifttrucks (forklifts) which include:

  • 3 and 4-wheel electric

  • Cushion & Pneumatic Tire Lift trucks

  • Narrow Aisle

  • Pallet trucks

  • Walkie stackers

For more information, take a look at the following websites:

Forklift Plat2 CU Front

Forklift Plat2 CU Front

Heli Lift Truck Series H2000

Lift Truck Series H2000

Shelves, Packaging Supplies & More

We've got all of your warehouse equipment needs covered.

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